Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Where and Which?

on 3rd of february, I play a game with my close friend, and from that day, the story begins...

100 days... the story from my english book. I read it and suddenly i have a brilliant idea or you can call it crazy idea. And its all happen because of my ex. He leave me just for a stupid reason, the reason is "BORED" and he dont know how much i love him and how much he hurts me that day. I think... I ty... but I had nothing. until...

ok, we call him "Jacob". before Jacob being my boyfriend, he is my bestfriend. he had a same problem with me, so I usually shared my problem with him. he do the same thing to me. one day I tell him my crazy idea, and I dont believe it when he accepted my idea. 3 february - 13 mei. 

SUNDAY Our first date is so fun. we go to the cinema and on that day i feel like my problem is gone. He look so happy too. 
MONDAY And the next day when the school finish he take me home and my ex saw me. So he beg on me for come back to his life. i just ignored him because my heart still hurts.
TUESDAY he take me home again and my ex still beg on me. and night Jacob ask me to help him on his work, i accepted. we go to sevel and go to puri to watch young people in love there. and 10pm we back home.
WEDNESDAY he ask me to have lunch and i agreed.
THURSDAY i go to my friend's home. and i'm not me him
FRIDAY i feel so pity with my ex so I agreed to he pick me up after school. and I'm not see Jacob again
SUNDAY I go to the cinema with my ex. just to make him happy. and after that i go with Jacob to Puri again for do some work of school, and we play at funcity. that night i made Jacob blush hahaha... thats so funny.
MONDAY all my friends in class know now. i had a relationship with Jacob. and from this day I feel something strange... Jacob says he likes me and he comfort with me. So do I. but, in my mind i feel so pity with my ex who tried so hard just to get me back.
if you ask me what i feel now.. my answer is FLAT
Jacob said "i'm afraid to fall in love with you, because I know, its just a game"
my Ex said "I will wait for you no matter will happen I still love you"
and my heart said "Which one I choose? the OLD life? of the NEW life? Where should I go? to the PAST? or to the FUTURE?
I'm afraid of karma... because karma is exist.

AND NOW ( TUESDAY ) 14th february... I still afraid and confused with my decision.. What should I do? Where should I go? Which one I choose? 


Hello i'm back and.... i guess now i know where to go and what i'm supposed to do.
now i choose JACOB! :) i feel comfort with him...
WEDNESDAY after school, he take me to his house. and then we go to puri again just for fun. after that we have dinner at blok s
THURSDAY me and my ex go to roxy. and i got a bad news, my mom is sick. so we go to hospital. and the night jacob take me to my friend house for practise guitar. i give him my parfume.
FRIDAY after school my stomach is so hurt. i feel i'm hungry. so he ask me to eat meatball with him. after we arrived at my home. my mom is in hospital, i'm so sad to hear that. so we go to hospital and have a dinner there.
now... 18th february ( SATURDAY ) hmm..... i'm so happy this day!!!!!!